Steak House
Gourmet Japanese Cuisine

Rte. 1 South
Norwood, MA
Exotic Drinks

Blue Hawaii
 Vodka  and fruit juice, Blue like the Hawaiian Waters.

Coco Chi Chi
 Cool like a summer breeze with Vodca,
 Coconut and Passion Fruit Juices.

Flaming Volcano (for 2)
 Powerful like an erupting volcano filled with Dark Rum,
 Orange Curacao and Fruit Juices.

Mai Tai
 A classical Tropical drink with Rum n' juices in Tahitan it means
 Success n' good health to you.

Planter's Punch
 A tropical tradition of Rum and
 Tropical Friut Juices... Refreshing.

Love Potion
 Island people's love potion. Brancy,
 Amaretto & Passion Juices.

Pina Colada
 A truly tropical drink originated in
 Tahiti Rum and Coconut.


Japanese Cocktails

Plum Blossom
Plum Wine and Vodka makes
this an interesting item.

Japanese splendor in the tummy of
"Hotel"  God of Happiness.

She's one to treated gingerly,
Like the Vodka in her, she creeps up to you.

Cherry Blossom
Refreshingly light as the name implies.

Short but fat, this drink will satisfy you.